About us

Mrs. FarzanaRashid''s daughter Samia Mustafa, along with her avidly supportive husband, Dr. Mustafa Rahim, founded the Independent Welfare Organization in 2008 for the purpose of continuing Farzana''s extraordinary lifelong humanitarianism as an ever-growing legacy with the mission of helping anyone in need.


    After discovering the identities of those whom Mrs. Farzanahad been helping for so many years, Samia and Dr. Rahim perpetuated Farzana''s lifework by continuing to make the same regular monthly contributions to those individuals.  However, it soon became evident that many more people were in dire need of assistance, so Samia and Dr. Rahim''s work began to grow in ways that would have both astounded and overjoyed Farzana.


Our story

The Independent Welfare Organization expanded its sphere of compassion beyond Farzana''s acquaintances by making contributions to members of the general population. These included people who were unemployed and lacking basic necessities, people who needed medical care, and individuals and families who wished to begin small self-supporting businesses.


     Hoping to positively impact the lives of the succeeding generations, Samia and Dr. Rahim added education to their sphere of humanitarian assistance, and the Independent Welfare Organization began making a high-quality tuition-free education a reality for hundreds of students. After graduation, many of these students become teachers, and the Independent Welfare Organization may subsidize those who choose to remain in remote areas to continue the gift of education.


    Accessibility to clean water is a major problem throughout rural India, and addressing this issue was next on Samia and Dr. Rahim''s list. They understood that water''s inaccessibility is a frequent impediment to education because mothers and children often must walk for miles to obtain enough water for just one day''s use, leaving no time to attend school.  Progress on this vital issue has been impressive; last year alone, the Independent Welfare Organization brought readily accessible clean water to seventy rural homes!


    Samia and Dr. Rahim, who live and work in the United States, are thankful to have the help of Samia''s sister Saba Iqbal and her husband Mohammad Iqbal  Together, they are the "eyes and ears" of the Independent Welfare Organization, the ones who are on the ground in India providing up-to-the-minute information on the type of assistance people are needing in real time.  Additionally, Saba and Iqbal have been instrumental in using Independent Welfare Organization funds to procure land on which six homes are being built to give away free of charge to homeless families or families living in insufficiently stable structures.  


    As long as there is need in India, the Independent Welfare Organization hopes to be ready to respond quickly and effectively, maintaining a sincere and unhesitating eagerness to help.  Farzana, no doubt, would have wholeheartedly approved.


"God bless thee; and put meekness in thy mind, 

Love, charity, obedience, and true duty!"

--William Shakespeare, Richard III